Our Mission

Our Libraries celebrate reading, discovering, learning and sharing.

Our Vision

South Shore Public Libraries is a vital centre of the community, sharing a robust collection and innovative technology, that inspires life long learning and literacy in a positive, welcoming environment.

Our Values

Literacy • Innovation • Inclusion • Intellectual Freedom • Collaboration • Community

Our History

South Shore Public Libraries has a Board of Directors and operates under the terms set out by the Nova Scotia Libraries Act.

South Shore Public Libraries came to be  in 1972 with  the Town of Bridgewater, the Town of Lunenburg, and the Town of Mahone Bay as original members. The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg joined in 1973, and the Municipality of Chester in 1978. The  Region of Queens Municipality, joined in 1976. Today, South Shore Public Libraries has more than 25 staff, and provides services through four town libraries, a mobile library and outreach services.


The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage provides approximately 70% of public library funding in Nova Scotia. A further 24% is provided by the municipalities — this portion is divided among the six participating municipal units on the South Shore based on population and is roughly $5.18 per capita. The South Shore Regional Library Board fundraises for the remaining 6% of its budget.

In 2018/2019 the annual budget was approximately $1.4 million. Buildings, furniture and some office equipment are provided in addition to the regular municipal contribution by the Town of Bridgewater, the Town of Lunenburg and the Region of Queens.


  • Services like borrowing and Internet access are free.
  • Daily overdue fines are not charged, the exception being Inter Library Loans.
  • Take a closer look at all our policies here.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

South Shore Public Libraries Board believes that a diverse and pluralistic society is central to our community’s identity. Libraries have a responsibility to contribute to a culture that recognizes diversity and fosters social inclusion.  Libraries strive to deliver inclusive service. South Shore Public Libraries Board recognizes and energetically affirms the dignity of all people we serve.

South Shore Public Libraries is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive community  in which all people, including borrowers,  employees, and volunteers, feel welcomed and can thrive. We are committed to providing equitable access to all facets of the library experience and to providing the resources that further these objectives.

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community is an ongoing and evolving process. The Board, employees and volunteers challenge ourselves to do this work on a personal and institutional level, with empathy and mutual respect.

March 23, 2022

Acknowledgment – Canadian Library Association (CLA)

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

The Equity Diversity and Inclusion action plan is a living document and will continue to evolve and grow as our conversations with our community (including the Bridgewater Anti-Racism Task Force) continue in the months and years to come.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan


Ashley Nunn-SmithChief Librarian
Christina PottieCommunication & Engagement Lead
Alisa HemeonOffice and Finance Manager
VacantProgram & Service Development Manager

Annual Reports & Audits

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Board Information & Members

Board Members, the Chief Librarian and senior staff meet regularly.  Board meetings are open to the public. The Annual General Meeting (AGM), open to the public,  is usually held the third Wednesday of June.

If you would like to attend a meeting or make a presentation, please contact us to confirm the date, time and location of the meeting; 902-543-2548.

Patrick Hirtle – Chair
Cynthia Bruhm – Vice Chair
Councillor Jenni Birtles
Councillor Vicki Amirault
Councillor Stacey Colwell
Councillor Michelle Greek
Councillor Tina Connors
Tom Sheppard
Marie Hogan
Gail Tricebock
Diane Racette