Apply For a Library Card!

You may also get a card in person at any SSPL branch.

Your library card will be mailed to you within a few days.

If you are a Nova Scotia resident from outside Lunenburg or Queens Counties you must register in person at a local branch.

Visitors can get a card at one of our branches as well, there is a refundable $20 charge.

All information is strictly confidential and is used for library purposes only.

A library card allows you to use all public library services, attend programs and request library materials.


Year of Birth (for Statistical Purposes only)


Location Used Most Often

Phone Number (Required)

Grandmother's First Name (Unique Identifier)

Email (Not Required)

Phone Number of Parent or Guardian (only if applicant is under 14)

Name of Parent/Guardian (only if applicant is under 14)

The last four digits of your phone number will be your PIN to access services online securely.

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