Happening Now @ Your Library – March/April Activity, Event, Class Guide

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We've got many great activities, events and classes lined up for March and April. Check it out, have a look, and find your thing. Click HERE for the.pdf version or grab a print copy at your local library.

March Break Activities for Kids!

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MARCH BREAK @ YOUR LIBRARY. We have kids activities planned everyday and it's ALL FREE. We'd love to see you. Click here to get a .pdf copy of the March Break schedule or drop by your local library to get a print copy.

Diverse Authors Reading List

The magic of books is discovering new places, new cultures, and new perspectives to change the way we think about the world. Please enjoy these adult selections by a diverse group of authors who will introduce you to a plethora of eye-opening…

Mi’Kmaq Heritage Month Reading List

Here is a list of titles we've curated from our Collection for Mi’Kmaq Heritage Month

Antiracist Reading List

For borrowers searching for books on race and justice, our staff have brought together a wide range of social justice resources that we hope you’ll find helpful in these uncertain times. Whether you’re discussing current events unfolding…

Use Our Community Collections Platform to Tell Your Stories!

Our Community Collections platform is up and running! This is a new initiative that allows you to upload stories of the people, places, and objects that make your community unique. Do you have a special photo collection you’d like…

Borrow a Board Game

Glutted yourself on Netflix yet this winter? We have the solution - borrow a board game this weekend. Starting February 1 you can borrow any of our huge selection games from the Bridgewater, Lunenburg, or Liverpool Libraries. All you need is…

Lunenburg Academy Library Card

We’re launching a new fundraiser! Donate today and receive a limited edition library card with an image of the historic Lunenburg Academy. These truly are limited edition – one of a kind, no more will be printed! In addition to the limited…

Autism Kits @ the Library

Autism Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Provincial Library have created a new set of tool kits for individuals and families living with autism. The kits will provide community members with the opportunity to test many of the support products…