Summer's Here!

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Summer is here and so is our activity guide. So much for you to do. Pick up a guide at your local library or print one off for yourself HERE.

Teen Reading Challenge

Attention all teens we have a reading challenge for you this summer. Pick up your Summer Reading Bingo Card at your local Library or download and print one HERE. Complete 5 squares in a row, fill in the blank of each square with what you've…

Summer Reading Club

This year the sumer reading club is all about nature!  There will be snack gardens, butterflies, outdoor adventure, nature stories, and lots more to read and do with your family and friends.  There are even prizes you can win. The…

Lunenburg Academy Library Card

We’re launching a new fundraiser! Donate today and receive a limited edition library card with an image of the historic Lunenburg Academy. These truly are limited edition – one of a kind, no more will be printed! In addition to the limited…