Autism Kits @ the Library

Autism Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Provincial Library have created a new set of tool kits for individuals and families living with autism.

The kits will provide community members with the opportunity to test many of the support products and tools available before buying or creating their own.

Sensory Tools, Visual Tools, Fidget Tools

There are 3 sets of Autism Tools kit bags available for borrowing from the Library.

  • Sensory Tools
  • Visual Tools
  • Fidget Tools

For example, the Visual Tools bag includes an example of “First, Then.” This tool prioritizes tasks through the use of icons or words. Providing individuals on the autism spectrum with a visual cue such as “first dishes, then TV” can help develop executive function skills at any age.

The tools are accessible across a lifespan. “Families and individuals in the autism community of all ages will find the tools and resources on offer useful whether they’re at school, work or home,” says Cynthia Carroll, Executive Director of Autism Nova Scotia.