Youth Collection Re-Development

Our Part

South Shore Public Libraries has begun to identify key sections of our collection for youth which we’d like to build upon. Specifically, one of these areas is LGBTQ+ materials. We strive for our collections to reflect and respect the diversity of our communities. To this end, we are reaching out to various relevant community and interest groups, seeking input regarding materials and access to those materials. This includes books, movies, e-books, programs, and other resources.

Your Part

So, we want to hear from you! Help us shape our collection. What kind of books, movies, or e-books would you like to see in our collection? The privacy and security of our patrons and community members is of utmost importance to the South Shore Public Libraries. Rest assured, we will not be collecting or tracking information from the input form. It is anonymous. We appreciate your input. Together, we can shape our library and our community.