Film screening: “Forgotten”

South Shore Public Libraries, in partnership with GG Geddes Productions, presents a domestic and international film series for you to enjoy. Screenings are free, and all are welcome!

Director: Carlos Bolado Drama (Bolivia/Chile/Argentina, 2013, 110 minutes), Spanish with English subtitles

During the 70s, the so-called “Operation Condor” military dictatorships in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay took away all possibilities for freedom and peace, and carried out the worst bloodshed and most painful era in the modern history of these countries.
Director Carlos Bolado’s Forgotten is the first feature film to specifically address the issue of 20th century dictatorship in Latin America. Most importantly the film succeeds in portraying this as a regional problem, reflecting how those nations share this historical burden. The story takes place in Bolivia when Jose, a decorated Condor General, becomes ill and looks for redemption by telling the dark secrets of his past to his only son.

Margaret Hennigar Public Library, Tuesday, March 21, 7pm